When It Hits the Fan: Manage, Mitigate.

Around 50% of organizations do not have a crisis communications plan. The other 50% have one that’s obsolete, incomplete or never been tested.

No organization is immune to crises, but you can be ‘crisis ready’. There are many practical steps you can take in advance: having a crisis communications plan, making sure your management and employees are aware of the plan and practice it regularly, preparing holding statements ready to send to all your key stakeholders, media-train your spokesperson, organize your crisis team (with alternates) and keep your contact lists up-to-date. All of these will help your organization when you’re in the eye of the storm and have to manage the crisis while mitigating the potential damage to your organization’s reputation.

Let’s get your organization ready for when ‘it hits the fan.’ I want to help your organization:

  • Resolve the situation
  • Minimize the damage
  • Stop the spread of gossip and misinformation
  • Be seen by your stakeholders to be doing so

To preserve the confidentiality of our many crisis communications clients, the following are offered as examples of our work in this area:

  • Assisted the building management company when a 12-day-old corpse was discovered.
  • Worked with a major hospital struggling with the unexplained death of an infant in its ER.
  • Provided advice and communications materials around the forced resignation of a high–profile non–profit organization’s long–time CEO.
  • Managed the on–going crisis communications around the proposed development of a community in a sensitive and challenging island environment.
  • Crafted the communications plan and materials for a real estate office that belatedly discovered one of its associates doing a lively trade in crack houses.
  • Managed the crisis that erupted when a widely recognized member of a professional association was publicly humiliated at the organization’s annual dinner.
  • Assisted a design and media organization embroiled in a dispute around the intellectual property rights to a highly prized and easily recognized logo.
  • Advised on the management of the introduction of a controversial alcoholic beverage into Canada.
  • Provided consultation and implementation of external and internal communications surrounding the discovery of typhoid among employees of a national meatpacking plant.
  • Assisted a school district enduring the glare of national media over a controversial school closure.
  • Helped a professional services firm manage a serious data breach of sensitive client information.

The last thing any company or executive needs in a crisis is someone who mirrors your own thinking. Deborah Folka comes alongside clients in a respectful and unruffled fashion, efficiently and expertly tackling the core issues with clarity and even appropriate humour when the occasion calls for it. She’s creative in her approach, reliable to a fault, always diplomatic and provides superior results.

~ Julie Marzolf, APR, President, Marzolf & Associates

Our client appreciated your insight and guidance in preparing him for examination for discovery. You will be delighted to know that he followed your training with discipline. Perhaps he did it too well as the other side is going back to court to re-examine him because they performed so poorly.

~ Barry Appleton, Managing Partner, Appleton & Associates, International Lawyers